KINGNOORLA was born in early September of 2013 by creative designer and founder, Angela Ahmadi. As an Afghan American growing up in her town of Los Angeles, Angela was deeply interested with design since an early age. After graduating with a degree in Apparel Manufacturing Management from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, she had her intentions set on creating a clothing line. However, after her recent eye-opening journey to Afghanistan in 2010, Angela was not just set on creating a fashion line, but inspired to create a brand focused on empowering Afghanistan. During her visit to Kabul, she noticed that the country had a relatively uncompetitive fashion market, as well as a lack of fashion designers. With this brand, Angela aims at targeting this niche market by utilizing Western culture as her source of versatility. "Noor" meaning light and "King" embodying an entity of high-power, King Noor ultimately stands for providing inspiration and power to Afghanistan by shining a positive light on the country and it’s people.