King Noor LA's online shop is where you will find our premier line of Afghan street wear. The store is a culmination of afghan clothing with modest street fashion to create a forward progressive line that joins the cultural movement of acceptance and understanding of Afghan, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and Islamic Culture. 

King Noor is deeply rooted in the Afghan community. Our line always stays on top of the latest hijab styles and fashion. Understanding the most modern Islamic and Afghan fashion we create an art that is truly special to the Afghan heritage of art and culture.

All our shirts are designed by Angela Ahmadi, an Afghan American graphic artist dedicated to inspiring the Afghan community through her work. Each product features her exclusive work and hours of preparation and creativity.

King Noor LA

Bamiyan Tee (black)

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Bamiyan Tee (black)


Bamiyan graphic tee.

100% Cotton.

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